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Access and information about web-based survey design

Qualtrics Bot Attacks

Warning: Recent Bot Attacks

Several Researchers have reported that after sharing links to their Qualtrics Survey's on Social Media, they received a large number of fraudulent responses. Before sharing your survey on social media, consider adding layers of extra- protection against bots including adding a CAPTCHA question and enabling relevant Survey Security options.

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Survey Design Guidance

I made my survey in Survey Monkey. How can I switch to Qualtrics?

Unfortunately, you can't export the survey itself from Survey Monkey. However, it is easy to recreate your survey in Qualtrics by cutting and pasting your survey question text from Survey Monkey or another survey tool by download your data and upload it to Qualtrics if you'd like. 

I made my survey in Google Forms.  How can I switch to Qualtrics?

You can copy your Google Form  by clicking the File menu and selecting Make a copy. Copying a form will copy only the questions and layout, not the responses you’ve already received. Once you have downloaded your Google Form, you can upload it to Qualtrics

To copy the response from your Google Form, you can download your response to as a CSV file by clicking the File menu, select Download as, and click Comma Separated Values. Again, Once you have downloaded your Google Form, you can upload it to Qualtrics

WebAIM Evaluation of Qualtrics, a third party authority in web accessibility, has evaluated the Qualtrics survey platform and certifies its output to support conformance with Level A and Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.0. WCAG 2.0 is the compliance standard for Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. More Information is available at the following link.

The following question types were evaluated for conformance on March 13, 2018:

  • Descriptive Text
  • Multiple choice (all 21 types)
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Matrix (except Bipolar, MaxDiff, Likert)
  • Text Entry (all types)
  • Rank Order (only Text Entry, Graphic, and Radio)
  • Constant Sum
  • Side by Side
  • Drill Down
  • Timing
  • Meta Info
  • Captcha Verification (V2).

Checking Accessibility in Qualtrics

The following Qualtrics page contains more information on appropriate question types and the accessibility checker. To access the acessibility checker follow the steps listed below.

  1. In the Survey Tab, click Tools.
  2. Under the Tools list, click Review.
  3. Under the Review list, click Check Survey Accessibility.

Screenshot of Qualtrics Workspace on the Survey Tab demonstrates the steps to check survey accessibility. Corresponding steps are transcribed above.

Using Code for Accessibility in Qualtrics

Looking to make your survey accessible to the fullest potential of users....... 

There are ways to do this within Qualtrics or you can add the following CSS code. 

CSS code can be included in Qualtrics surveys under Custom CSS to create better highlighting on elements when survey-takers use keyboard to navigate the survey.
button:focus {
  outline: 3px solid #3dbbdb !important;
  overflow: -moz-hidden-unscrollable;
For more ideas about making your survey accessible see below or contact us at Data Services.


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