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Access and information about web-based survey design

Qualtrics Outage Reported


There has been a Log-In issue reported with Qualtrics that gives the error "SSO TimeOut". We are actively working with Qualtrics support to resolve this issue and will share more information once it is available.

General Information

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Service Desk and Chat

 Bobst Library, 5th floor

 Staffed Hours: Fall 2023
     Mondays:     12pm - 5pm
   Tuesdays:    12pm - 5pm
   Wednesdays:  12pm - 5pm
   Thursdays:   12pm - 5pm
   Fridays:     12pm - 5pm

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NYU Qualtrics Brand Administrator

Assistance for NYU Stern School of Business

Contact Stern IT 


Stern Qualtrics Brand Administrator: Matthew Gee

Assistance for NYU Langone Medical Center

Contact: NYULMC IT (create a ticket)

Email:  Not Available

Call:  212-263-6868

NYULMC Qualtrics Brand Administrator: Salman Mazhar

Contact Qualtrics

You can also contact Qualtrics directly:

Services Overview

Survey Support

Data Services provides services for NYU patrons using NYU Qualtrics a tool for creating and analyzing web-based surveys for research, teaching, and administrative needs. Qualtrics is available to NYU faculty, staff, and students as part of a university-wide license that is managed and supported by NYU Data Services.

Synchronous Services

The best way to request an individual consultation is via our appointment form, which will ensure that the appropriate consultant can meet with you at the time you requested. 

Asynchronous Consultations

You may also send us your questions via email at e-mails will be answered within one business day (messages received on Friday will not be answered until Monday).

Consulting Guidelines

Services Provided

  • Our role is to facilitate the technical aspects of your your survey design and research needs. We can assist you with issues that you may encounter with respect to the practicalities of digital survey design (survey logics, survey flow, distributions, capturing and using embedded data, etc.)

  • In addition to providing regularly scheduled software-specific tutorials, we can also help instructors by providing classroom presentations to introduce Qualtrics for survey design.

  • Our role is to assist you with your survey, rather than to conduct/ build your survey for you. It is the researcher's responsibility to ensure that the research design is justified and appropriate for the discipline at hand.

Whom we can help

  • Consulting services are limited to current NYU students, faculty, and staff.

Types of assistance not covered by our service

  • Tutoring and general inquiries about methodology and survey topics

  • Step-by-step assistance with homework assignments

  • Assistance with projects of commercial nature or those involving classified information, non-disclosure agreements, related to or likely to be involved in litigation, etc.

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