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A tool for creating and administering web-based surveys, supported by the Data Services.


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Qualtrics: Service Overview

The NYU Data Service supports Qualtrics, a tool for creating and analyzing web-based surveys for research, teaching, and administrative needs. Qualtrics is available to NYU faculty, staff, and students as part of a university-wide license that is managed and supported by NYU Data Services.


In-Person Consultations

 We  provide stand alone and/or course integrated workshops and one-on-one consultations for faculty, staff, research groups, and students by request.


Method vs Technique: 

Our consultations are typically with researchers that are looking to use NYU Qualtrics to create a survey, but need some technical help with the software.  In terms of assistance evaluating a survey or suggesting survey best practices and methods, we try not to cross over into advising on research methodology as it can create a conflict of interest.  Data Service are not content area specialists, therefore we defer to department and disciplinary specialist for methodological support.



NYU Data Service's Library Class offers a tutorial on several times per semester that includes an Introduction to Qualtrics Survey Design and Advance Qualtrics Survey Design.  

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The best source for documentation, training, and support on using Qualtrics software.

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Assistance for NYU Stern School of Business

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Stern Qualtrics Brand Administrator: Matthew Gee

Assistance for NYU Langone Medical Center

Contact: NYULMC IT (create a ticket)

Email:  Not Available

Call:  212-263-6868

NYULMC Qualtrics Brand Administrator: Salman Mazhar


Did you know the average survey response is 12%? 

Tips to design your survey for greater inclusion:

Check Survey Acessiblilty in Qualtrics.

US Census Catagories on Race and Ethnicity