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  • How can I activate my NYU Qualtrics account?
    • You can activate your NYU Qualtrics account by logging-in with NYU Single-Sign-On at  NYU Qualtrics.
    • If you do not have a NetID, but have a Kerberos ID, you can activate your NetID by following the steps at the following knowledge base article.

  • I am getting the error 'Internal Server Error,' what do I do?

  • What is the difference between my NYU Qualtrics account and the free Academic Trial provided by Qualtrics?

    • We highly recommend using the Qualtrics NYU Account rather than the Free Trial Version in order that Data Services can provide you administrative support. In addition, there is the Qualtrics Trial Version has limited sample size, limited functions, and limited design templates.

  • How can I cite the Qualtrics software in my research paper?

    • Please check out these instructions for how to cite Qualtrics in your research paper.

  • Will I have access to my NYU Qualtrics account after graduation, retirement, termination etc...?

    • No, access to your NYU Qualtrics account is dependent on your official status with NYU. Although your access to your account ends, your account remains static unless you transfer surveys and data to a new account. If you are going to a new institution with a Qualtrics license, you will need to reach out to the brand administrator of your new university and If you are not moving to a new institution with a Qualtrics license, consider transferring your surveys and data to a Free Trial Version of Qualtrics.

  • Can multiple people own a survey?

    • No. NYU Qualtrics does not permit multiple owners of a survey. You can share your survey with your team, and allow editing privileges., however only the owner of the survey can add collaborators and share privileges.. *Therefore, it is important to think about the long term life of your survey.

  • How do I transfer ownership of a survey to another member on my team?

    • Please email with permission to enter your account, your netID, name of the survey and name and NetID of the new owner of the survey.


  • Can I collaborate with other Qualtrics users?

    • Active members of the NYU community have access to Qualtrics and can collaborate with other NYU Qualtrics Users, as well as other institutions with a Qualtrics license. Users who are using the free trial of Qualtrics, do not have the ability to collaborate. *Although the NYU community has access to Qualtrics, users must first initialize their account by first logging in.

  • I received an invitation to collaborate, but do not see the survey in my Qualtrics account. What caused this?
    • Likely, you received the invitation before activating your NYU Qualtrics account. Make sure you have activated your NYU Qualtrics account by logging in. Then have the survey owner re-share the invitation.

  • Can I share access to my survey with multiple members of my research team?

    • Yes, the owner the survey can share access to the survey with other Qualtrics users. Please take a look at this step-by-step guide, under Collaborating within your Organization.

  • How do I request a Special User ID to share my NYU Qualtrics survey with a research consultant that does not have an NYU Net ID or a Qualtrics account at another university?

  • How many emails can I send using the Qualtrics mailer?

    • The limit is 10,000 emails per week using the Qualtrics mailer. Under special circumstances, we can arrange to increase this limit. Please email if this applies to you.

  • How many people can I have take my survey?

    • Under the NYU license, you have an unlimited number of responses per survey.

  • Can I administer my survey to respondents without an NYU email address?
    • Yes, respondents do not need to be affiliated with NYU to participate in your surveys.
    • When using the Qualtrics Mailer, your 'From Address' field must either remain or be an email address. You are allowed to change the 'From Name', 'Reply-To Email' and the 'Subject' fields.


  • How do I activate the Qualtrics Offline Surveys app on my tablet/mobile device?

  • I have a team of X number of researchers. Can we all have access to the Qualtrics Surveys Offline app?

    • Yes!

  • How long can I use the Qualtrics Offline Surveys app?

    • Access to the Qualtrics Offline Surveys App is contingent with your access to your NYU Qualtrics Account.

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