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Survey Design Software: Transfering Ownership

Access and information about web-based survey design

Transfering Ownership

NYU Data Services and Chief Technology Officer of Information Technology have developed the following
protocol to transfer NYU Qualtrics surveys. 
Please keep in mind, the driving principle of this protocol is
respect for individual research data and electronic security. 
This policy applies to transferring all NYU Qualtrics data
A) An Individual:  For an individual moving their Individual Account to another university.
B) Between Two Parties:  including but not limited to: former employees, retired staff, graduate students, members of a lab, faculty, co-investigators, etc.   Note:  To make this step easier, please consider doing this as part of the off-boarding / departure process when the owner is still on campus.
Step 1 a.  Contact the Owner for Permission
The first step is for you to reach out to owner of the surveys and ask them to contact NYU Data Services ( ) and give her permission to transfer all surveys in his/her account. Please be sure not to forgo this step; and please copy NYU Data Services in your correspondence.  **We realize that you may not have current email addresses, but we need proof that you attempted to make contact. 
Step 1b: If not able to Contact the Owner for Permission 

If owner is not responsive or refuses permission, there is an appeal process to take to the Chief Security Director of NYU IT.  However, when possible it's best to communicate with the owner of the survey it is the preferred ethical way to manage your department/project data and investigator relations. 


Step 2:  Communicate to Data Services:  Names of the Surveys and Net ID of Owner.
Identify all the surveys for which you want to transfer the ownership for, and the respective owners (names and net-ids) of those surveys.
Step 3:  Communicate to Data Services: Net ID of the Person Receiving the Transfer
List (name and net-id) who this survey(s) will be primarily transferred to? Only one person can own them but many can collaborate on them.  *Please note if the transfer is going to another University, Data Services will coordinate the transfer with the other University through Qualtrics and the respective Office of IT.
Step 4:  Communicate to  with NYU IT, Chief Information Technology Officer.
For those exceptional situations in which you are unable to locate the owner or if the owner is unwilling to release their accounts contents, we will assist you in seeking recourse through the Chief Information Technology Office. 

Please feel welcome to contact Data Services with any questions.