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Hack Dibner

A technology and design competition

Banner featuring two halves. The left half is a yellow background with orange binary code and the Hack Dibner logo (a cartoon lightning bolt striking a book with a light bulb). The right half features text over a purple background that says Hack Dibner is back! Develop a pitch to improve the library for the chance to win $500! Submit your initial concept by Sep 21st.

9 teams are competing to win Hack Dibner 2022!  Woo hoo :)


Our first Hack Dibner workshop is on Friday, September 30th from 5:00 - 5:30 on Zoom.  This is the first opportunity for your team to earn a bonus point and to get tips for a successful Hack Dibner project.  If you are an enrolled team and didn't receive a Zoom calendar invite, email Hack Dibner librarian mentor Lindsay

Hack Dibner: A Library Competition

Hack Dibner is a design contest for the Fall 2022 semester hosted by NYU Tandon's Bern Dibner Library. Participants will be challenged to develop and present an idea that uses technology to improve user experience at Dibner, or within the greater NYU Libraries system.

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