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Hack Dibner

A technology and design competition

Hack Dibner 2023

Hack Dibner finalists 2023

Hack Dibner 2023 Finalists


1st place team Clicksters  2nd place team D Tech Dibs

Hack Dibner 2022

Hack Dibner 2022 Finalists

Hack Dibner Finalist Teams at the Hack Dibner 2022 Final Presentation


In 2022, we had 6 finalist teams! The 2022 judges were: Ben Baylor, Lead Student Assistant at Dibner Library, Hebah Emara, Librarian for Open Innovation at NYU Libraries, Lisa Gayhart, Director of User Experiences at NYU Libraries, Molly Ritmiller, Design Lab Manager at the NYU Tandon MakerSpace, and Nick Wolf, Head of Data Services at NYU Libraries.

Trick Coders at Hack Dibner 2022 Final Presentation Team Dibnerds at the Hack Dibner 2022 Final Presentation Team Chirguse at the Hack Dibner 2022 Final Presentation

Left: Trick Coders (Chandra Shekhar Pandey and Priyanka Bose). Middle: Dibnerds (Aditi Sharma, Christina Woo, and Rosie Wang). Right: Team Chirguse (Anshika Gupta, Muskan Gandhi, and Chirayu Bhatt).

Trick Coders (Priyanka Bose and Chandra Shekhar Pandey) took home first place with their room reservation and cancellation system using a machine learning algorithm to predict library patronage and study room usage. The Dibnerds (Aditi Sharma, Rosie Wang, and Christina Woo) received second place with their room reservation system app expanding on NYU's existing mobile app. Team Chirguse (Chirayu Bhatt, Muskan Gandhi, and Anshika Gupta) were voted the fan favorite team with their meme-filled presentation promoting an innovative mobile app. Congratulations to our 2022 Hack Dibner winners and finalists! Read the Tandon News coverage here.


  • Automatic Dibner Assistant aka AuDA (Daniel Zhang, BS in Computer Engineering '25, and Junho So, BS in Mechanical Engineering '25)
  • Dibner Daily (Lokesh Sharma, MS in Biomedical Engineering '24, and Semi Hong, BS in Computer Science '24)
  • Dibnerds (Aditi Sharma, BS in Computer Engineering '25, Rosie Wang, BS in Computer Engineering '25, and Christina Woo, BS in Civil Engineering '25)
  • Digital Dibner (Joe Prakash, BS in Computer Engineering '24, and Igor Rodrigues, BS in Computer Engineering '24)
  • Team Chirguse (Chirayu Bhatt, MS in Computer Engineering '24, Muskan Gandhi, MS in Computer Engineering '24, and Anshika Gupta, MS in Computer Engineering '24)
  • Trick Coders (Priyanka Bose, MS in Computer Engineering '24, and Chandra Shekhar Pandey, MS in Computer Engineering '24)

Hack Dibner 2021

Team Air Fryer presenting

In 2021, Team Air Fryer (Danni Qu and Yezi Xu) took home first place for their room-booking kiosk.  Second place was Bibliotech (Melody Yap and Rohan Bhalla), third place Wanderer (Deyin Zhang and Jiayin Fan), and audience favorite was Bookfellas (Riccardo Negro, Sakshi Garg, Hrituja Khatavkar, and Stuti Biyani). Teams competed on Friday, December 3rd, delivering 8-10 minute pitches to a panel of judges. The judges scored the teams' proposals on feasibility, impact, contextual inquiry/user experience, and creativity.  The 2021 judges were: Prof. Regine Gilbert, Technology Culture, and Society Dept., NYU Tandon; Harini Kannan, UX Analyst, NYU Libraries; Liz New, Assistant Manager, NYU Tandon MakerSpace; Serita Sargent, Lead Student Assistant, NYU Dibner Library. Click here to watch the Zoom Recording of Hack Dibner Finals.


  • Q-Lib (Utkarsha Chourasia and M V D Satya Swaroop)
  • BiblioTech (Melody Yap, Rohan Bhalla)
  • Air Fryer (Danni Qu and Yezi Xu)
  • BookFellas (Riccardo Negri, Sakshi Garg, Hrituja Khatavkar, Stuti Biyani)
  • Nap Dibner (Calvin Tian, Aneesh Maganti, Edward Han)
  • Wanderer (Deyin Zhang and Jiayin Fan)


Hack Dibner 2019

Hack Dibner 2019 winners Tandonnect

The first place team in the Hack Dibner 2019 competition was Tandonnect (Vikram Sakkia, Michelle La, and Chengfeng Luo). Their proposal was an app to connect students in study groups. Read more about their idea, and the 2019 competition, on the Tandon website.

Team Hush on Tandon's Instagram story

The runners up were Team Hush (Zeru Zhang, Shubham Desai, Satish Reddy Bethi). Read more about their experience in the competition, and see a video of their prototype, in Satish Reddy Bethi's LinkedIn post.


  • Top Boy (Dajr Alfred)
  • Team Epiphany (Bharti Kakker, Isha Vipul Dave)
  • Pandas (Kevin Lin, Mahika Jain)
  • The Outliers (Tanya Saini, Adil Hashim, Tanmay Dureja)

Hack Dibner 2018

2018 Hack Dibner first and second place teams and library mentors

In 2018, Team Dibs (Idriss Dimson, Harrison In, Yurou Zeng, Michael Hatoum, and Melissa Canavan) won first place for their study room reservation app.  The runners up were Team Closure (Abhinav Sharma and Utkarsh Prakash) for their bluetooth library wayfinding app, complete with haptics to direct vision-impaired patrons.  Team Dibs, Team Closure, and other Hack Dibner finalists are pictured above, along with library mentors, Dr. Matthew Frenkel, Lindsay Anderberg, and Mikolaj Wilk.  You can read more about Hack Dibner 2018 in this article on the Tandon website.


  • Team Bots with Dots (Puru Agrawal, Tanya Saini, Adil Hashim, Harman Singh Chawla)
  • Team Simple Library (Timur Mukhtarov, Marium Sultan, Arystan Tatishev)
  • Team Gauranga (Nipun Dixit, Nehal Agarwal, Karan Katliwala)
  • Team LMG (Nan Lin, Yanjun Meng, Junjie Ge)
  • Team Benevolence (Marc Jaboin)