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Contest overview

Hack Dibner: A Library Competition 

Hack Dibner is a design contest for the Fall 2019 semester hosted by NYU Tandon's Bern Dibner Library. Participants will be challenged to develop and present an idea that will improve user experience within NYU libraries through the use of technology.


‚ÄčCongratulations to

Tandonnect  1st place ($500)

Hush 2nd place ($250)

and all Hack Dibner finalists!


Hack Dibner finalists:

Team Epiphany (Bharti Kakker, Isha Vipul Dave)

Hush (Satish Reddy Bethi, Shubham Desai, Zeru Zhang)

Pandas (Kevin Lin, Mahika Jain)

Tandonnect (Michelle La, Chengfeng Luo, Vikram Sakkia)

The Outliers (Tanya Saini, Adil Hashim, Tanmay Dureja)

Top Boy (Dajr Alfred)


Prizes will be awarded!  First place: $500   Second place: $250

Winners will be profiled on the Tandon website.


Previously on Hack Dibner

Workshop #4 Pitching Your Proposal

Monday, November 25 at 2:00 pm and Monday, December 2 at 3:00 pm

Dibner LIbrary, room LC307

Library Mentors Lindsay and Matthew will walk you through the elements of a successful pitch and provide a reminder of how judging will work.

Link to Google Slides


Final Written Proposal Deadline

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Six teams are moving on as finalists.  Final written proposals were submitted to the Hack Dibner judges on Monday, November 25th.


Workshop #3: Literature Review

Thursday, October 17th & Friday, October 18th

 Dibner Library, room LC307

Hack Dibner librarian mentors Lindsay and Matt presented an overview of what a literature is in a broad sense and what kind of literature review is needed for Hack Dibner, specifically.

Link to Google Slides


Workshop #2: Project Management

Friday, October 4th

2:30 - 3:30 pm  | Dibner Library, room LC433

Hack Dibner 2018 winner Harrison In led this workshop to get enrolled teams organized and thinking about how to manage their projects over the course of the semester.  Harrison suggested project management tools and gave tips about how to keep the teams moving towards the goal of winning Hack Dibner in December.

Link to Google Slides


Initial Concept Deadline

Monday, September 30th

All Hack Dibner contestants have submitted their first deliverable, the initial concept.  We have 9 teams in the running to win Hack Dibner 2019!


Workshop #1: Ideation

Friday, September 27th

2:30 - 3:30 pm  | Dibner Library, room LC433

Hack Dibner 2018 winner Harrison In led this workshop to get potential Hack Dibner 2019 competitors thinking about their nascent ideas.  Harrison defined and provided examples of disruptive vs. product innovation and asked participants to think about what kind of innovation they will work on for Hack Dibner.  This workshop also emphasized that teams should focus on user experience, feasibility, and sustainability/impact, all major judging categories for the Hack Dibner Finals.

Link to Google Slides


Hack Dibner Kick-off

Friday, September 20, 2019

Dibner Library, LC 433




Hack Dibner 2019 Judges are:

Iris Bierlein, Senior UX & Digital Accessibility Specialist, NYU Libraries 
Michelle Demeter, Head of Undergraduate Instruction Services, NYU Libraries
David Holzman, Professor of Sustainable Urban Environments, NYU Tandon
Tamim Islam, Dibner Library Lead Student Employee, NYU Tandon 
Abhinav Sharma, Hack Dibner 2018 winner (2nd place team), NYU Tandon