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Using NYUAD Library's Catalog

An overview of features in NYUAD Library's online catalog (

Including Articles

NYUAD's catalog default search includes books, media, and a large percentage of articles available in the Global Network University.

Using Search Filters

To include only articles in the search, follow these steps to filter your results:

  1. On the left side under Resource Type, select Articles.
  2. Select any other filters you may need (i.e. Subject, Author, Publication Date, etc.).
  3. Click on Apply Filters.

A screenshot of the catalog includes the option Articles under Resource Type and Apply Filters circled in red.

Articles & Databases Tab

The catalog's article search feature does not replace the tools found on the Articles & Databases tab. You can search for articles more efficiently by using either access point in the best circumstances. 

The catalog's default article search is best for:

  • Finding specific articles by title
  • Exploring a broad question or topic

The Articles & Databases tab is best for:

  • Locating specific databases to conduct focused searches
  • Browsing for a database that suits your research needs (multidisciplinary, format-specific, subject-specific, etc.)

What if I can’t find an article I’m looking for?

The NYUAD catalog does not include every article from every electronic collection NYU subscribes to. If you cannot find an article title, follow these steps:

  • Locate the journal title using the Catalog Search box or the Journals tab, follow the link to the journal, and find the article manually by date, volume, or issue number.  

  • Do further research in subject-specific databases or in WorldCat.

  • Contact or 24/7 chat for help with locating the article.

If you still can’t find the article, place an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request using the “Article” option. We will do our best to find a copy for you.

Excluding Articles

The default inclusion of articles in the catalog search might clutter your results. Follow these steps to exclude articles from your search:

  1. In the search box, locate the drop-down menu on the right side:

Screenshot of the catalog search bar, with the search scope drop down menu opened. A red box highlights the "Search Everything" option.

  1. These options you see are called search scopes. Select the option “NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Library Catalog” and start your search: 

Screenshot of the catalog search bar, with the search scope drop down menu opened. A red box highlights the "NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Library Catalog" option.

  1. Articles will now be removed from your search results.


Accessing Articles

You can access the material using any of the links in the “View Online” section when you open up the record:

An article record page in the NYU catalog. A red box highlights the "View Online" heading on the record page.

For many articles, you may see direct download links on the search result for that item, as seen below. Note that depending on your browser, the PDF may either open in a new browser tab or automatically go into your download folder:

Catalog search result list for articles. Direct PDF download links are highlighted below three of the results.