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Using NYUAD Library's Catalog

An overview of features in NYUAD Library's online catalog (

Basic Steps

If you encounter an error using the catalog or accessing online resources, complete the following steps:

  • Clear your browser's cache
  • Use another browser
  • Access the resources via the catalog links, not directly on third-party sites
  • Activate NYU VPN

If you still encounter the errors, report them to the library by email. Includes as many details as possible, such as the name of the resource, the wording of the error message, your machine (Windows or Mac), browser, and IP address, etc. Library staff will investigate and follow up with you once the issue is resolved.

Common Errors

Catalog search results page is blank

Clear your browser cache and cookies, and repeat the search. If it is still blank try a different browser. If you need further assistance, contact library staff by email or 24/7 chat

NYU-affiliated users seeing a login error

If you've cleared your cache and are still unable to log in, but you get an error message that says...

Non-NYU students unable to login via “Other Borrowers”

If you are a consortium user (e.g., Cooper Union, The New School, NYSID), please use your own institution’s library website and login. You can still view and request NYU materials from there.

Other Errors?

Contact library staff by email or 24/7 chat.