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Using NYUAD Library's Catalog

An overview of features in NYUAD Library's online catalog (

Citation Trails

The catalog offers citation trail features for a small portion of article records now accessible via the catalog. Citation trails are links from an article or book to lists of other articles or books. If you are interested in articles or books that are either cited in the one you have found or are cited by other articles and books, you can view the citation trails.  

  • a "find sources citing this" link (icon is upward point arrows) takes you to a list of other resources citing the article
  • a "find sources cited in this" link (icon is downward point arrows) takes you to a list of resources the article cited
  • Note that these are not necessarily  complete lists of citations

You can access the citation trail links from the item on the results page, or from within a record where it is available. 

Item results page:

Brief result display of an article. At the top right corner are the citation trail icons highlighted in a red box.

Item record's 'Citations' section:

The citation section of a full item display of an article record, with links to find resources citing the article or cited in this article.

Search within a Journal

You can search for articles within an journal under the "Search Inside" section of the item's details page.

Note: Not all articles within that journal might be indexed. Searching for an article from the journal’s webpage is more comprehensive, which you can do by following the "View Online'' links. 

Full item display for the journal Aging, with the "Search inside" section's search bar prompt displaying "Article title or keyword".

Expand My Results

You can discover articles that NYU cannot access full-text with the 'Expand Results' tool. This tool can provide citation information for possible resources that may be relevant to your research question. 

You can activate this feature in the filter options by turning on 'Expand My Results':

A catalog search is displayed for "the autobiography of Malcolm X". The Expand My Results feature on the left side is circled in red.

If I can’t access the material, why is this helpful? 

You can place Interlibrary Loan requests directly from within the article's record.