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Using NYUAD Library's Catalog

An overview of features in NYUAD Library's online catalog (

Availability Information

Information about the availability and location of materials can be viewed from the search results page.

You can quickly determine if an item is available, where it is, and how to access it. 

Availability information is displayed for the book "the autobiography of Malcolm X".

Understanding Availability Information

Availability Status Definition and What To Do
Available at [Location]

This is a physical item that is available at the library location indicated in the status.

To access an available item, you can either:

  • Use the call number (displayed in parentheses) to locate the item in the building if it is on-site.

  • Request the item for pick-up at the information desk. This may take 5-7 business days if the item is from an NYU location other than Abu Dhabi. EZBorrow and Interlibrary Loan requests may take longer depending on the partner library. 

Request from Partner Libraries

This is a physical item that is currently unavailable OR an item that is only available at one of our consortium libraries. 

In either case, navigate to the requesting section of the record to start a request if the item is eligible.

For more information on requesting, please view the requesting section of this guide. 

Available Online This electronic resource (e-book, article, etc.) is available online. You can access it by either following the 'View Online' section on the record, or through direct download links on the result if available.
Check Availability or Request Options Users should rarely see this status, but if you do, click into the record and look at the 'View Online' and 'Get It' sections to see available options.

Get It Screen

Use the "Get It" screen

In the Get It section of an item’s page, you can find more detailed information about an item’s availability by clicking into blocks under Locations. You may also see an option to request the item if it is eligible. 

The Get It item screen is displayed for the book "the autobiography of Malcolm X". Availability information below the item is circled in red.

If an item is available

The record will say 'Available' in green, and the text 'Item in place' will indicate that the item is on the shelf. If you are logged in, the loan period appropriate to your account status (e.g., student, faculty, staff) is displayed.

The "Location Items" section of record for an NYU Bobst available item with a "Locate" button.

If an item is unavailable

The record will say 'Out of Library' in blue, and information about why the item is unavailable will be shown.

In the example below, the item is 'On loan,' i.e. checked out and is expected to return on May 15th, 2024. You may see other reasons, such as 'Technical,' which means the item is being processed or repaired.

The "Location Items" section of record for an NYU Bobst Out of LIbrary item with a "Locate" button, and duration of loan and when it's expected to be returned.

Note: 'Loanable' refers to the item's circulating status, not to its availability. A book already 'on loan' may still be labeled as 'loanable' because it may be checked out, whereas "non-circulating" material is never loanable.