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WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

Learn how to access and use WRDS at NYU Libraries.


Q: I am not part of Stern. Can I still use WRDS?

A: Yes. Although Stern holds NYU's overarching institutional contract, most NYU students, faculty, or staff members are eligible for WRDS access in some fashion.

Q: I am not physically at NYU's New York City campus. Can I still access WRDS?

A: Yes, but only if you are eligible for an account.

Q: I have registered for an account, but haven't received my credentials yet. When will I get my account?

A: WRDS account creation is not automated, but rather requires manual processing. If you urgently need access to WRDS, please use the "Day Pass" access option in Bobst Library, KMC, Shimkin, or Tisch.

Q: I tried to register for an account and am being asked to prove my affiliation with NYU. What should I do?

A: Occasionally NYU's directories do not provide sufficient information to process your account. In such instances, NYU's WRDS administrator will reach out to you to provide further documentation (typically from the Registrar).

Q: My account request was rejected. Why was that the case?

A: Individuals who are not eligible for an account are automatically denied. If you feel that this decision was made in error, please reach out with proof of your eligibility.

Q: I am an undergraduate and my account request was rejected. Why was that the case?

A: Undergraduates are not necessarily eligible for personal accounts, as this product - and access option - is primarily intended for use by high-level academic researchers (such as tenured/tenure-track faculty and PhDs). Almost all undergraduates must use the WRDS "Day Pass" access option.

Q: Can the library pull the data I need from WRDS?

A: No. Library service providers cannot pull data or other content from WRDS to send to you--even in exceptional cases. To do so is a direct violation of our license agreement. If at all possible, please plan ahead to ensure that you have WRDS access at your moment of need.

Q: I am a visitor at NYU. Can I use WRDS?

A: No. Only currently enrolled or employed NYU students, faculty, and staff can access WRDS. Not eligible: Alumni, Friends of Bobst Library, visitors, guests, consortial borrowers (MaRLI, OCLC Shares, New School, etc), individuals in NYU programs without library privileges (such as continuing education "certificate" or "diploma" programs).

Q: How frequently is the data in WRDS updated?

A: Update frequencies vary widely across and within datasets. Consult WRDS's Data Calendar for update frequency and to view the date of last update. Update frequencies are agreed on by the data vendor and WRDS (not NYU).

Q: Where did OptionMetrics and Audit Analytics go?

A: The OptionMetrics and Audit Analytics modules were cancelled by the faculty who were using these datasets upon the completion of their research projects. Always keep in mind that if you are not paying for a dataset in WRDS, it has the potential to be cancelled by the person who is when they no longer need it. Subscriptions typically last for one year and are either renewed or cancelled at the end of NYU's fiscal year (August 31st).

Q: Does NYU subscribe to the American Hospital Association (AHA)'s data, which can be delivered via WRDS?

A: No.

Q: Why can I no longer find S&P Dow Jones Indices (SPDJI) constituent data in Compustat?

A: It was removed in July of 2020 due to a decision made by SPDJI. The change impacts the following tables in Compustat: idxcst_his; spidx_cst; sec_mth. For more information, consult the scope note in the Compustat module in WRDS and S&P's press release.