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Bloomberg Guide

Learn how to access and use Bloomberg at NYU Libraries.

Bloomberg FAQs

Q: I am getting a "login failed / error 730.1 / all terminals in session" message. What should I do?
A: This occurs when all 8 terminals are in use. Bloomberg ejects idle users after one hour. Because we have a limited number of simultaneous users, please log off when you are done to prevent others from being locked out of terminal access. Plan ahead to make sure you have access to the terminal for any assignments or deliverables. Do not leave using the terminal to the last minute.

Q: My terminal account or password seems to have expired. How do I reset it?
A: Inactivity for 90 days turns your account off, and requires a password reset. Call Bloomberg Customer support to reset your password: US East Coast: 212-318-2000. US West Coast: 415-912-2960. Shanghai: +86-21-6104-3000. Abu Dhabi: +971-4-364-1000.

Q: What are the system requirements for remote Bloomberg access?
A: Users must have a computer that can run Citrix Receiver. Windows and Mac operating systems are both supported. Computer hardware with severe memory or processing limitations may not be able to successfully run Bloomberg. If you must use Bloomberg, but your personal device cannot run the software, please reach out to your instructor or advisor for guidance.

Q: I have remote access to other terminals at NYU. Can I also use the Bobst remote terminals?
A: Not at this time. At present, on the backend, your account can only be associated with one location's terminals (not more than one). You may, however, use our in-person terminals.

Q: My NYU school, department, or program has not set up remote access. Can I use the Bobst terminals?
A: Yes, SPS, Courant, Journalism, and others that do not have access to their terminals are very welcome to sign up!

Q: Can I access Bloomberg via the Bloomberg iOS or Android app?
A: No. Our academic subscription does not include access via Bloomberg's mobile "Bloomberg Anywhere" apps.

Q: How can I access the list of sustainability/ESG data points you mentioned in class?
A: Find the spreadsheet here (must authenticate using your NYU NetID and password).

Q: How do I download to my computer, as opposed to the virtual machine's drives?
A: Find directions for how to access files on your local computer here, on Bloomberg's support website.

Q: How do I find Bloomberg News daily market wraps for Prof Frydman's class?
A: Use the "NI USSBN BN" command.