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Bloomberg Guide

Learn how to access and use Bloomberg at NYU Libraries.

Just Getting Started? Watch This Tutorial First!

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)'s video tutorial, "Terminal Basics", introduces new users to the Bloomberg interface, including how to search and navigate. You need not watch the other BMC modules to view "Terminal Basics". Learn how to enroll to watch the tutorial here.

Using Bloomberg

The Bloomberg platform offers flexibility for searching, featuring two frequently used options: 

  1. Browsing Menus

Bloomberg functions are organized by menus that are classified by market sector or product type. Each menu is part of a heirarchy. 

You can access menus using the Menu button on the screen, the Menu Key, or using a Yellow Market Sector Key.  This method is recommended for new users - It gives users a sense of the data and information available in Bloomberg and see what functions are available.

  1. Using Function Codes 

An alternative to using the menus is to search by function code. By entering a directly into the command bar, users can eliminate the steps. This guide offers lists of frequently used codes. 

There are 2 types of function codes: Security Specific, for analyzing a loaded security and Non-security specific, for locating information on a sector or news & events. 

To load a security, enter  the ticker or identifier, hit the Market Sector key that represents the asset type, and then click on the Enter/GO key.  

Not sure where to start? 

The auto-complete feature helps you find the the security or function that you are searching for. 

Simply begin typing a term in the command line at the top of the panel that you are working in. 
As you type, a list of suggested functions & securities will be displayed. 
Full Search using Help

Type a term in the command line at the top of the panel that you are working in.  
Use the <SEARCH> key
Select the search result from the list



Bloomberg keyboard with color coding highlighted.

Color Coding:

  • Yellow keys - Market sector keys.
  • Green keys  - Action keys.
  • Red keys - Cancel & log off keys.

Keys to know:

  • Esc/Cancel - Think of it like a normal escape key. Pressing it will stop whatever you are doing.
  • Enter/GO - Think of it like a normal enter key. You will use this after every command that you enter to execute the function.
  • Print - Press print once to print the current page or enter number of pages you wish to print & Print (ex. 5 Print)
  • Menu - Press menu to navigate from any function back to a menu of related functions (and ultimately back to the main menu).
  • End/Back - Will take you back to the key previous screen. 
  • Help - Press the help key once to display the help function and a description of the current function that you are using. Press help two times to email the Bloomberg help desk.