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Bloomberg Guide

Learn how to access and use Bloomberg at NYU Libraries.

First Time Users

  • BLP - Personalize your "Bloomberg Launchpad" that launches upon login.
  • FFM - "Functions for the Market": Examples showing how Bloomberg functions can be applied to current market events.
  • GRAB - Email a screenshot of the current page.
  • LANG - Change the interface to any supported language.
  • LAST - Display the last few commands you ran.
  • LOGI - Log out.
  • NO - Toggle the news chyron/crawler on/off (to reduce visual clutter).


  • BPS - "Bloomberg Resource Center": Locate "cheat sheets" and guides that help you learn more about the functionality of the terminal. 
  • HELP - Access support documentation and contact customer support.
  • HDSK - Review your correspondence with Bloomberg's customer support.

Stay Informed

  • BRC - Analyst reports / broker research.
  • BRIE - "Bloomberg Briefs": Daily newsletters on the following topics: Economics; Economics Europe; Economics Asia; Municipal Market; Oil Americas; Oil Europe; Oil Asia; Credit; Regulation; ETFs; Private Equity; Hedge Funds; Dine; QuickTake; Special Reports.
  • KI - "Key insights": Bloomberg's artificial intelligence flags the most interesting news and information about a company.
  • QUIC - "Quick Takes": One-page, authoritative guides to current news topics.
  • TOP - View Bloomberg's most popular news stories.
  • USER and USER ENHANCE - What's new on the terminal, including recent terminal enhancements.

Frequently Used at Stern

  • ANR - Analyst recommendations.
  • BETA - Calculate BETA.
  • BILL - US government legislation by industry.
  • CFAPRO - Maps the learning goals of the CFA ("Chartered Financial Analyst") test to 387 Bloomberg terminal functions.
  • EQS - Equity screener - Build lists of stocks that meet specific financial criteria.
  • ESG - Environmental, social, and governance data portal, used for finding sustainability information.
  • GC3D - "Graph Curve Surface": An impressive visualization that plots the term structure of a curve over time in a 3D chart, allowing you to observe its evolution.
  • GP - Plot security pricing and related market variables on a chart. Great for easily visualizing "key events".
  • LEAG - Create league tables.
  • PEOP - People search that includes functionality for finding NYU and Stern alumni.
  • PIB - "Public Information Books": Quickly gather publicly accessible documents, data, and Bloomberg reports on a specific company and download as a single PDF.
  • PORT - Create and track a portfolio.
  • SPLC - Supply chain analysis portal.
  • WACC - Weighted average cost of capital.

Just for Fun

  • DINE - Search restaurant reviews by city.
  • FLY - View worldwide flight information. See if your, or a client's, flight is on time.
  • MVP - "Most Viewed People" in Bloomberg's user directory.
  • QUIZ - A competitive news quiz that comes out weekly on Fridays.
  • RICH - "Bloomberg Billionaires Index": Monitors the world's highest net worth individuals.

COVID-19 & Market Recovery: High Frequency Alternative Data

  • {NI TSACP <GO>}: TSA passenger information
  • {NI OPENTABL <GO>}: OpenTable reservations
  • {NI APPHOTELS <GO>}: Hotel app usage/downloads
  • {W#FFM 21} / {W#SPEC 62 <GO>} / {W#SPEC 59 <GO>} - Virus indicators, US recovery worksheet, and COVID19 UK market impact security worksheets (respectively).
  • {ALLX SCOV}: Covid cases by US state
  • {NI CVRUSTRKUS <GO>}: US Virus Tracker Updates
  • {NI VRUSPOL <GO>}: Global fiscal/monetary measures