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Bloomberg Guide

Learn how to access and use Bloomberg at NYU Libraries.

Bloomberg Tech Support at NYU

NYU Libraries Locations Non-Library Locations
  • Bobst Library IT
  • Brause Library service desk
  • Dibner Library service desk
  • NYU Shanghai Library IT
  • NYU Abu Dhabi Library IT

IT can only assist with issues related to the normal functioning of the terminal's hardware and software.

Bobst Library: How to Report Tech Issues

  1. Review known issues (below).
  2. If a known issue, follow the troubleshooting and/or reporting advice. Be prepared to:
    1. Describe the issue you're experiencing (copy/paste is fine).
    2. Note which terminal you're using: "Bloomberg PC01" faces the Data Services lab, "Bloomberg PC02" faces the group study area. (Labels also on computer towers.)
  3. If it's an issue not detailed belowemail us by using the Business Library Help Form. Describe the issue to the best of your ability and note the terminal you're using.
  4. Only report issues directly to the appropriate party: Tech support may need to communicate with you directly to troubleshoot your problem or alert you when an issue is resolved. Do not report terminal tech issues to other building or desk staff, as it will delay finding a solution.

Known Issues

Thank you for reporting known issues. Doing so minimizes terminal downtime.

Logging On:

  • Too many login attempts error:
    • ​When logging on to Windows: Occurs due to too many incorrect log in attempts. Contact NYU IT via email to resolve the issue if you have been locked out.
    • When logging on to the Bloomberg software: Occurs when you have used incorrect credential to log on to the Bloomberg software. (Most common instances: you've forgotten your Bloomberg password or used your NYU NetID login rather than your personal Bloomberg account.) Follow the prompts to reset your password.
  • "GWY Directory"​ error: Occurs when opening the Bloomberg software. Report as a "Bloomberg terminal GWY Directory error" to Bobst Library IT via email.
  • Serial number installation error: Occurs when opening the software or when logging on. Report as a "Bloomberg terminal serial number error" to Bobst Library IT via email.
  • Connection Wizard / "Bloomberg Access Key" prompt: Occurs when opening the software. Report as a "Bloomberg terminal access key error" to Bobst Library IT via email.
  • Domain error: Occurs when logging on to Windows. Report as a "Bloomberg terminal domain error" to Bobst Library IT via email.

Windows Operating System:

  • "Checking Signal...", "No Signal", or Blank Monitor: Check to see if the terminal's tower is present below the desk and/or fully plugged in. If not, it is likely down for repair.
  • "Automatic Repair" / "Your PC Did Not Start Correctly" Windows error: Click the "Restart" button. If Windows does not restart normally, report the issue as a "Bloomberg terminal automatic repair error" to Bobst Library IT via email.


Bloomberg Software ​Interface: 

  • Greyed out content: Some content and functionality in the Bloomberg software are not part of the academic subscription. If you believe this is in error, email us by using the Business Library Help Form.
  • Blank screen or endless spinner when attempting to watch BMC videos: Occurs when the terminal's flash software is malfunctioning. Report as a "Bloomberg terminal Flash video error" to Bobst Library IT via email.