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East Asian Studies: Korean Collection

This guide provides access to key resources for East Asian Studies at NYU and elsewhere.

Korean Search Tips

BobCat and WorldCat can now be searched using the Korean alphabet, Hangul 한글! Give it a try. You can search either in original Korean scripts or the McCune-Reischauer romanization system.  BobCat and WorldCat both use the Library of Congress romanization system for Korean, based on the principles of the McCune-Reischauer system. McCune-Reischauer romanization was created in 1937. In 2009, the Library of Congress released the revised McCune-Reischauer Romanization system and word division.

Online Korean Dictionary
Naver Korean Dictionary


Not at Bobst?

If you need a resource that we don't appear to have yet, please be sure to contact the East Asian Studies librarian using the links on the right side of this page. Request it! You may also want to request the material via InterLibrary Loan.

Digital Collections on Korea

Photo Postcard Image Collection of Colonial Korea

A digital collection from the University of Chicago, the Photo Postcard Image Collection of Colonial Korea includes over 7000 postcard images of Korea and was created during the first half of the 20th century.

Frederick McCormick Korean Collection
Contains books, journals, and newspapers, as well as movable-type books printed in Korea that cover a range of topics, including literature,
history, Chinese classics, as well as the humanities and sciences. (Claremont College Library, Special Collections)

Archival Collections on Korea

Korean War Propaganda Leaflet Collection at the Library of Congress

The Korean War Propaganda Leaflet Collection was donated to the Library of Congress in 1994 by the late Gordon K. Ellis (1926-2013), who served as an American army lieutenant during the Korean War. The Collection is available onsite in the Asian Division Reading Room for registered readers to study. To view this collection, please contact Korean reference staff through the Asian Division’s Ask-a-Librarian form prior to visiting the Library.

Digital working papers, conferences, etc.

Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP)
Full text, download PDFs
policy analyses
​policy references

working papers



Online Resources in Korean - Databases, E-Books, Journal Articles, and Newspapers

Print Journals at Bobst Library

We subscribe to the following Korean print journals. Current issues are in the Current Periodical room on the 3rd floor of Bobst; bound back issues are found in the stacks of Bobst at the call number indicated in BobCat.

Ch'angjak kwa pip'yong


Munhak kwa sahoe


Munhak tongne


Yoksa pip'yong


Tangdae pip'yong


Wolgan choson


Sin tonga


Yosong kwa sahoe

여성과 사회

Segye ui munhak


Kyongje wa sahoe

경제와 사회

Tonghyang kwa chonmang


North Korea

For news, intelligence analysis, travel reports, and other data about North Korea, go to NK News.

Try NK Pro for "a wide range of research tools, databases, comprehensive media monitoring services and long-form, expert analysis on contemporary issues."

NKSIP (North Korean Serials Indexing Project) at The Library of Congress (LC)
The North Korean Serials Databases is an online article index database that provides access to articles about a variety topics included in the North Korean serials collection of LC. There are an estimated 278 North Korean serial titles.  

July 6, 2018 article about the North Korean Serials Collection at LC
Library of Congress Offers Unprecedented Access to North Korean Serial Collection

Korean Studies

Korean Studies Portal: This portal has links to many useful resources for Korean Studies research. It covers Korean Studies, Korean TV and Video, News, and many subjects of interest, including art, academia, computing, history, literature, news, maps, and more.

Korean History: A Bibliography: A wonderful resource for academic studies covering Korean history compiled by Kenneth R. Robinson at the University of Hawaii.

Korean Laws A-Z (Rob Britt, University of Washington)


East Asian Studies Librarian

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