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East Asian Studies

This guide provides access to key resources for East Asian Studies at NYU and elsewhere.

Reading Room

Just in: The East Asian Studies Reading Room will remain closed until the end of the year (Dec 2022/Jan 2023).

Originally closed due to collections backlogs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and an emergency move out of one of our archival storage centers offsite, unprocessed materials will continue to be stored in the East Asian Studies Reading Room on the 10th floor. 

ACCESS TO CJK BOOKS IS STILL POSSIBLE! Library staff have access to the East Asian Studies Reading Room, so CJK books in the Reading Room can still be paged through pickup at the Circulation Desk or lockers, as eligible. Just check the library catalog record for the book you need and select the delivery service that is available. For those who need access to specific materials that are non-circulating in the Reading Room, please contact the EA Studies Librarian to make an appointment, or to discuss options.  

New to NYU 2022!

Digital Library of the National Assembly Library of Korea: NYU Library has a new library partnership! The National Assembly Library is the South Korean equivalent of the Library of Congress.
For use in Bobst Library on registered computers PC01-PC06 on Lower Level 1 (LL1) with software installation.
English User interface URL:
under "Core Services," choose the link for digital access.

Requires ID and Password (request through the EA Studies Librarian)

Kyobo Scholar  
Access started during the pandemic and will continue! 
Scholarly multi-disciplinary full-text database, including scholarly journal articles published by prominent academic societies and research centers in Korea. The journal titles are arranged by 10 subject categories such as Humanities; Linguistics & Literature; Social Science; Economy & Management; Law; Art & Physical; Natural Science; Engineering; Medical & Pharmacy; and Agricultural & Sciences.

NLK Digitized Materials Service (National Library of Korea) is available on 6 computer terminals on the Lower Level (LL1) area of Bobst Library.  Please use any of the 6 computers PC01 - 06 to access the full text collection at the National Library of Korea (access started in 2021).

To Browse, click "Search," then click "Digitized Materials"
To Search, enter the keyword or title, click "View Online."
No printing available.

Journals and E-Book Databases

Bibliography of East Asian Periodicals (Colonial Korea 1900-1945), University of Chicago Library
A comprehensive bibliography that contains 913 periodicals from the colonial period (1910-1945), pre-colonial period (1896-1910), and post-colonial period from liberation in 1945 to the establishment of the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in 1948, It covers politics, economy, industry, society, literature, education, religion, women, children, medicine, science, friendship societies, etc. 

Korean Newspapers

National Library of Korea Newspaper Archives
This is an integrated database for historical newspapers from 1,880’s to 1950’s in full-text providing keyword, directory, trend and chronicle searching.

Korean News Big Data and Analysis (BIGKinds)
This is an integrated searchable database for 54 Korean newspaper articles in full-text since 1990

Korea Modern and Contemporary Periodicals /  Han’guk kŭnhyŏndae yŏnsok kanhaengmul 
This is an integrated database of many historic newspapers and magazines published from 1905–1999, offering browsable full images by specific dates. 

Korean Studies Library Collections and Resources

Committee on Korean Studies Library Resources
Includes Open Access resources, databases, and useful search tools

Major Korean Collections in North America
Committee on Korean Materials, Council on East Asian Libraries.                       

Korean Collections Consortium of North America (KCCNA)
Members of this cooperative collection development/resource-sharing program receive annual grants from the Korea Foundation to develop specialized subject collections and freely share them with any Korean Studies scholars or general users in North America. 

Korean History: A Bibliography
A very comprehensive bibliography of works about Korea in English is available online. Formulated as a browseable list sorted by topic, the list is modestly entitled Korean History: A Bibliography. It encompasses resources covering disciplines outside history as well. It was compiled by Kenneth R. Robinson of International Christian University and is maintained by the University of Hawaii's Center for Korean Studies.

Korean History Online / Han’guk Yŏksa Chŏngbo T’onghap Sisŭt’em | 한국역사정보통합시스템 
This reputable portal site provides a one-stop search engine for numerous historical databases built and shared by nearly twenty organizations including the National Institute of Korean History, Academy of Korean Studies, Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, etc. There is a directory organizing materials according to the type: historic books and documents, periodicals, classical translations, research data, bibliographies and catalogs, biographies, maps, dictionaries, chronologies, multimedia, historical relics and sites, epigraphs, the chronicles of the Chosŏn dynasty, and old newspapers. The federated search engine provides bibliographic information fetched from various sources—one can easily get carried away while exploring different interfaces and catalogs.

Korean Studies Portal: This portal has links to many useful resources for Korean Studies research. It covers Korean Studies, Korean TV and Video, News, and many subjects of interest, including art, academia, computing, history, literature, news, maps, and more.

Library Catalogs

National Library of Korea Catalog

National Archives of Korea 
The holdings of this searchable database include 3.6 million archival sources including the colonial period, 2.9 million audio-visual and photographs, and 560,000 serials from government and non-government sources. It also holds presidential archives, foreign documents related to Korea, oral histories, etc.

Digital Collections on Korea

Photo Postcard Image Collection of Colonial Korea
A digital collection from the University of Chicago, the Photo Postcard Image Collection includes over 7000 postcard images of Korea and was created during the first half of the 20th century.

DB of Korean Classics
Full text images of ancient classics, original and translated text files, catalogs, and bibliographies. Includes a classical term thesaurus. 

Literature Translation Institute of Korea, KLTI
Translated books and information on Korean literature. Includes the full-text of books on Korean literature in English.

Frederick McCormick Korean Collection
Contains books, journals, and newspapers, as well as movable-type books printed in Korea that cover a range of topics, including literature,
history, Chinese classics, as well as the humanities and sciences. (Claremont College Library, Special Collections)

Archival Collections on Korea

Korean War Propaganda Leaflet Collection at the Library of Congress
The Korean War Propaganda Leaflet Collection was donated to the Library of Congress in 1994 by the late Gordon K. Ellis (1926-2013), who served as an American army lieutenant during the Korean War. The Collection is available onsite in the Asian Division Reading Room for registered readers to study. To view this collection, please contact Korean reference staff through the Asian Division’s Ask-a-Librarian form prior to visiting the Library.

National Archives of Korea 
The holdings of this searchable database include 3.6 million archival sources including the colonial period, 2.9 million audio-visual and photographs, and 560,000 serials from government and non-government sources. It also holds presidential archives, foreign documents related to Korea, oral histories, etc.

North Korea

For news, intelligence analysis, travel reports, and other data about North Korea, go to NK News.

Try NK News Pro for "a wide range of research tools, databases, comprehensive media monitoring services and long-form, expert analysis on contemporary issues."

NKSIP (North Korean Serials Indexing Project) at The Library of Congress (LC)
The North Korean Serials Databases is an online article index database that provides access to articles about a variety topics included in the North Korean serials collection of LC. There are an estimated 278 North Korean serial titles.  

July 6, 2018 article about the North Korean Serials Collection at LC
Library of Congress Offers Unprecedented Access to North Korean Serial Collection

Online and Open Access Dictionaries

Daum sajŏn | Daum dictionaries

Naver sajŏn | Naver dictionaries

YBM ol in ol t’onghap sajŏn | YBM ALL IN ALL dictionaries

Films and Videos

Teikoku Kinema Engei Kabushiki Kaisha / 帝国キネマ演芸株式会社 (Teikine 帝キネ).
This collection summarizes the activities of Teikoku Kinema in Osaka. Openly available and created by Prof. Keiko Sasakawa at Kansai University.


Korean Laws A-Z (originally created by Rob Britt, University of Washington)
This is an excellent guide to law and Korea. Includes bibliographies, court decisions, dictionaries, law statutes and regulations, and more law related material.

Select Journals at Bobst

We subscribe to the following Korean print journals, most of which are now available online. Current issues are in the Current Periodical room on the 3rd floor of Bobst; bound back issues are found in the stacks of the 10th Floor Bobst East Asian Reading Room at the call number indicated in BobCat.
Ch'angjak kwa pip'yŏng 창작과비평 - also available online
Kyŏngje wa sahoe  경제와 사회 - also available online
Munhak kwa sahoe  문학과사회 - also available online
Munhak tongne   문학동네 - print only
Sindonga  新東亜 - also available online
Tangdae pipʻyŏng  당대비평 - also available online
Tonghyang kwa chŏnmang   동향과전망 - also available online
Wŏlgan Chosŏn  月刊朝鮮 - also available online
Yŏksa pipʻyŏng 역사비평 - also available online
Yŏsŏng kwa sahoe 여성과 사회 - also available online

Not at Bobst?

If you need a resource that we don't appear to have yet, try Interlibrary Loan. To make a book purchase request for the library, please contact the East Asian Studies librarian.

The Manhattan Research Library Initiative (MaRLI) enables NYU and Columbia doctoral students, full-time faculty and librarians, and approved New York Public Library cardholders to borrow materials from all three institutions. Columbia University Libraries, New York Public Library and New York University Libraries agree to extend reciprocal access to library facilities and borrowing privileges for selected categories of advanced scholars.  Eligible users must register with their home institution for privileges.