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Case Study Resources

Finding Case Studies in Article & Book Databases

How to search: For the first 3 databases, in the advanced search interface, limit your "document type" to "case study", then click the "full text" box. In the search boxes, include the topic or company you're researching. For Ebook Central, put "case stud*" in one of the advanced search boxes and make sure it is searching the "title". (The asterisk will retrieve books that mention "case study" or "case studies" in their titles.) Include your topic or company of interest in the remaining search box. Some case studies in these databases will not be structured in a traditional business case format.

Case Studies from the Library Catalog

Search the Library Catalog (BobCat) to locate books and ebooks that contain case studies.  Search for "case studies" AND a keyword relevant to your research topic.  Below are some results from a sample search of "case studies" AND "finance":

Reading, Teaching, and Writing Case Studies

Instructor Case Study FAQs

Q: Can I use the library's case study materials in my course, as a course reserve?
A: Yes, all of the cases in our subscription platforms, including the Harvard Case Study Collection, may be used in your course and as course reserves.

Q: How do I gain access to case-specific teaching notes?
A: Directions may be found in the descriptions for each product (above).

Q: Why does the library not have access to all HBS cases?
A: Harvard Business Publishing sells only a small portion of its overall case study products to academic libraries via a third party (EBSCO). Their primary selling strategy is direct-to-student.

Q: Can I request Harvard cases via the library's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service?
A: Typically no. Contemporary case studies are not available via ILL due to how they are licensed by Harvard for use by only one individual. Very rarely, an old case may be available via ILL, but this is uncommon.

Q: I heard that faculty get free Harvard case content access. Where do I sign up?
A: Faculty from any major college or university can sign up for a Harvard Business Publishing Educator account. These accounts give professors free access to most case study content - after they confirm your faculty standing - in order for you to evaluate materials for use in your class. Students must still purchase any materials assigned by for your course, or access it via the library's subscriptions (if available). Please note that Educator accounts are not affiliated with the library: we cannot grant access.

Q: I want to assign an HBS case study that is not part of the library's pre-existing subscription. Can you purchase it for my students?
A: Unfortunately, no. Such cases must be purchased individually. You may wish to contact your department head to see if funds are available to purchase on behalf of your class.