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East Asian Studies: China

This guide provides access to key resources for East Asian Studies at NYU and elsewhere.

Duxiu / 读秀

Duxiu / 读秀 is a comprehensive index of Chinese publications of all sorts. There are over 4,000 Ming (1368-1644) documents and more than 300,000 volumes of Qing (1644-1911) archival materials in this database, including e-books, periodicals, newspapers, theses, and conference proceedings. It does not provide full text for everything it indexes, however, and the amount of text you can see varies. If you come across something for which the full text is not available, please request it via InterLibrary Loan or contact me to discuss the possibility of purchasing it for the library.

Chinese Search Tips

BobCat and WorldCat can now be searched using 汉字! Give it a try. But if you don't find what you are looking for (there are sometimes technical complications), do a search using the English alphabet also. BobCat and WorldCat use the Library of Congress romanization system for Chinese, which is based on the principles of the pinyin system. Except for proper nouns, there is a space between the romanized form of every character. Omitting spaces can affect your search results! For example, the title of Liu Dajie's book on the development of the history of Chinese literature is romanized as Zhongguo wen xue fa zhan shi, so a keyword search on "wenxue" spelled without a space will not retrieve any results.

Not at Bobst?

Our Chinese collection is still in the early stages of its development. If you need a resource that we don't appear to have yet, please be sure to contact the East Asian Studies librarian using the links on the right side of this page. You may also want to request the material via InterLibrary Loan. In addition, the University of Pittsburgh's East Asian Gateway offers free delivery of academic articles in Chinese that are not held by any library in the United States.

NYU Shanghai guide:



English language resources

For English language resources on China, see the Home page of this guide.


Online Journals

Chinese language journals available at NYU:

Sinica Sinoweb: Full-text database of 14 Chinese language journals from the 20th century to present-day, mostly from the Academia Sinica. Sinica Sinoweb includes modern and current academic journals focusing on China, Taiwan, and Chinese Studies. (Contact EA Studies librarian for user guide to Sinica Sinoweb)

National Social Sciences Database (NSSD)国家哲学社会科学学术期刊数据库 is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the open-access database contains full text articles from more than 600 journals. It covers economics, international issues, social sciences, law, literature, philosophy and history. **Users must create a free individual account to access this resource.

China Academic Journals and China Online Journals: Contain the full text of articles in Chinese (and some in English) from thousands of Chinese humanities and social science journals. Through China Academic Journals you can also search for dissertations from many Chinese universities; for additional dissertations go to Dissertations of China. COJ provides about 7,000 full-text journal titles published in China, covering over 90% of the core journals. The online collections are broadly categorized into subjects. Note that NYU subscribes to the following categories: Philosophy/Politics/Law, Social Sciences, Economics/Finance, Education/Literature/Art.

Dacheng Data is a database of scanned articles of over 7,000 Chinese journals and magazines from the late Qing Dynasty (pre-1911) through Republican period (1911-1949). The content includes available journals in humanities, social sciences, medicine, and science and engineering. For example it contains the 1932 issues of 文 学月报. Wen xue yue bao.

Frontiers of Literary Studies in China. We have online access to this important journal through several different databases. 

Journals and books digitized by the National Library of China: This collection includes 8,000 books, 8,000 legal documents, and 4,000 periodicals published during the Republican period (1912-1949).

LingLong: The women's magazine published in Shanghai between 1931 and 1937, digitized by Columbia University's Starr East Asian Library.

Shen bao online: The Shen Bao Digital Archive presents the complete collection of all issues, from the newspaper’s founding in 1872 to 1949 and is an invaluable research tool. This was the first newspaper in China with a Chinese editorial staff. Containing more than 2 million articles, the database is 100% full-text searchable and contains the full-image of each page.


Print Journals

Historical Journals

 A Compilation of the Companion Pictorial 良友合订本 (1926-1945) is a twenty-volume reprint of this important Republican Era journal. It is located in the oversize section of the East Asian Collection on the west side of the 10th floor reading room; click the link for call number information.  

Zhongguo jin xian dai nü xing qi kan hui bian (中國近現代女性期刊匯編), a large set of books consisting of women's periodicals from the early 20th century, can be found on the 10th floor in the East Asian Collection. To see all the journal titles in this compilation, search BobCat for that title; or search for an individual title, such as Zhongguo fu nü (中國婦女).

Contemporary Journals

We subscribe to the following print journals in Chinese. Click the title to check availability in BobCat. Current issues are in the Current Periodical room on the 3rd floor of Bobst; bound back issues are found in the stacks of Bobst at the call number indicated in BobCat.

Shou huo 收穫
Dang dai 当代
Shi yue 十月
Hua cheng 花城
Shanghai wen xue 上海文学
Tian ya 天涯
Zhongguo shi yan jiu  中国史研究


Our subscription to the People's Daily (Renmin ribao) covers from 1946 to the present. To enter database click on the "Please click here to enter" link.

The 60-volume reprint of the Nanjing edition of 中央日报 Zhong yang ri bao (1928-1949) is in the oversize section of the Bobst East Asian Studies collection, at the west end of the 10th floor north reading room. Click the link for call number information.

PressDisplay has the current issue and the previous two months' issues of the following newpapers in Chinese: 美术报 China Art Weekly, 中国剪报 China Digest, 中国企业报 China Enterprise News, 中国国门时报 China Inspection and Quarantine Times, 中国医药报 China Pharmaceutical News, 联合早报 Lianhe Zaobao, 浅江晚报 Qianjiang Evening News, 今日早报 Zhejiang Morning News, and 浙江日报 Zhejiang Daily. In English it has the China Daily, China Economist, Shanghai Daily, and South China Morning Post.

A selection of Chinese newspapers can be read at

Chinese Modern Newspapers and Periodicals (Erudition): This database includes the full text of Chinese periodicals from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republican period. After logging in using IP authentication (no username or password necessary), select "合集(第一辑、第二辑)" to access the database.

Subject Librarian

Chinese Texts Online

The Chinese Text Project is an excellent source for pre-Qin and Han dynasty texts.

The Modern Chinese Literature Research Portal (中国现代文学网)is an exciting new collection of searchable texts about, well, modern Chinese literature.


Historical Photographs of China is an online collection of digitized images of pictures taken between 1870 and 1950. Its 6,000-plus images can be searched by keyword, date, and so on. The collection's designers are continuing to expand it and are seeking feedback from users.

Chinese History Dissertations

Chinese History Dissertation Reviews features overviews of recently defended, unpublished doctoral dissertations in the field of Chinese history

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