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Data Services Class Descriptions

Information, materials, and schedules for all currently offered Data Services classes.

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Do you have unstructured geographic data and need to make a map? This class introduces essential strategies for cleaning data in preparation for visualization and analysis with GIS software platforms. We will use data scraped from a personal CitiBike user account as a test case for learning data remediation strategies for GIS analysis.

Google Sheets and Geocode by AwesomeTable (note: Data Services does not support this add-on, but you are encouraged to add it to your Sheets account in advance of the class)

Duration: 60 min

Room description:

Some tutorials are held remotely and require NYU sign on to access, while others are held in person, without a remote component. Please note the correct modality and location of the tutorial when registering

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with Google Sheets formulas
Skills Taught / Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify meaningful units of analysis in order to structure data for mapping
  • Manipulate data in order to visualize and process it within various GIS platforms
  • Deploy essential formulas like CONCAT, COUNTIF, WEEKDAY, and others in order to clean up unwieldy data
  • Ascertain the value of establishing date, number, and categorical string variable types of data
  • Structure data to maximize the success rate of existing cloud-based geocoding APIs
Class Materials:
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Additional Training Materials: Cleaning up your Excel 2013 data via LinkedIn Learning (NYU NetID required)

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