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Data Services Class Descriptions

Information, materials, and schedules for all currently offered Data Services classes
MATLAB is a programming language and environment for data analysis. This tutorial will introduce you to the MATLAB interface, to the basics of the language, to working with data sets in R, to visualizing them, and to implementing several common kinds of data analysis.
Software: MATLAB
Duration: 90 min

Room description:

During the Fall 2021 semester, some tutorials are held remotely and require NYU sign on to access, while others are held in person, without a remote component. Please note the correct modality and location of the tutorial when registering

Prerequisites: Basic computer literacy, understanding files and folders
Skills Taught / Learning Outcomes:
  • Accessing MATLAB
  • Strengths, weaknesses and common applications
  • Examples of basic operations
  • Data and variable types (numeric, chars, logical, Infs, NaNs, cells, structs)
  • Flow control (conditional statements, loops)
  • Entering, storing, and importing data
  • Plotting
  • Performing basic statistical analyses
  • Common toolboxes and apps (statistics, curve-fitting, image processing)
Class Materials: 

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