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Data Services Class Descriptions

Information, materials, and schedules for all currently offered Data Services classes.
Interested in incorporating social media content into your qualitative research project? This workshop will introduce the basics of using small-scale web scraping of social media for qualitative analysis. Using ATLAS.ti and MAXQDA’s built-in scraping tools this session will focus on techniques to incorporate the context of social media data (primarily Twitter), webpages, and online pdfs into your research design. Presenters will provide detailed examples for importing and coding social media data using both ATLAS.ti and MAXQDA software platforms. In addition, discussions may include topics such as collecting, storing, and analyzing social media data as social science researchers. A brief overview of aims of Qualitative Research and Qualitative Data Analysis Software will be provided. Please note that this workshop will not cover larger data sets and web scraping using tools like Python or R.
Software: Atlas.ti, MAXQDA
Duration: 120 min

Room description:

Some tutorials are held remotely and require NYU sign on to access, while others are held in person, without a remote component. Please note the correct modality and location of the tutorial when registering

Prerequisites: Participants are encouraged to create Twitter and/or Facebook accounts in advance and be able to log into them.
Skills Taught / Learning Outcomes:
  • Recognizing Social Media as potential source for Social Science Research
  • Practice web scraping and importing data from social media sites.
  • Introduce coding as a qualitative research technique within ATLAS.ti and MAXQDA
  • Perform analysis of social media data within ATLAS.ti and MAXQDA
  • Strategize systematic data collection practices
  • Consider basic methodological principles of social media analysis
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NYU Guide to Social Media Scraping



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