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Division of Libraries' Day(s) of Learning

Learn more about the Division of Libraries' Day(s) of Learning (DoL DoL).

Division of Libraries Day(s) of Learning (DoL DoL)

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Use the navigation of this page to learn more about the activities and events that are part of the Division of Libraries' Day of Learning (DoL DoL).


The Division of Libraries aims to take meaningful steps to eradicate racial injustice, dismantle racism, and operationalize the Diversity & Inclusion Values of the Libraries

  • We have to take actions that match our words, otherwise our words are empty;
  • We have to work to eradicate all structural and systemic oppression that exist at all levels in our academic disciplines. 

In recognition of those goals, all Division of Libraries employees across the global sites, including faculty, staff, administration, and student workers, are invited to join your colleagues in a Days of Learning (DoL). This DoL DoL provides time and space for each of us to engage more deeply with inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and accessibility in our lives and in our work.  

Read more about the Day of Learning on the Libraries' Wiki.

Schedule of Events