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NYU LibGuide Accessibility

A comprehensive resource for achieving digital accessibility best practice for NYU Libraries Research Guides.


Video content should have captions

If you are going to add video content to your guide do so using the Media Asset tool.

  • That will allow you to embed content from YouTube or NYUStream, or other sources that you can reuse across multiple guides and update more easily using the Asset Management tools.
  • Be careful not to set the video to autoplay when you embed it.
  • If you embed videos, but captions and transcripts aren't available from the media widget viewer, also include a link to the video directly and add a description for that link that indicates to the user that captions, transcripts, audio description, etc. can be found at the link. 
  • If you are creating videos to use in your guides they will need to have captions.
    • NYU recommends using NYU Stream or YouTube for your video content
    • Be aware that automated captions will need to be reviewed so be prepared to spend the time to do it (and/or get help).
  • If you are linking to someone else’s video try to select content that has captions and a transcript.
    • If you have no alternative resource, make it clear in the link text that the video is not accessible.
    • Reach out to the video owner and ask them to consider adding captions and a transcript. You may find they agree.

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