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NYU LibGuide Accessibility

A comprehensive resource for achieving digital accessibility best practice for NYU Libraries Research Guides.


Linked documents you own/created are accessible

This includes PDFs, Slides, Docs, Sheets, etc. Use the accessibility checker tools listed in the resources section.

  • PDFs are especially challenging for accessibility and difficult to correct. If you make the original document accessible, and then save as a PDF, there's more likelihood it will be accessible, but if you do not have access to the original, remediation is quite difficult. Contact for more support. 
    • Become familiar with the accessibility functionality of Microsoft and Google products to create original documents that are accessible.

Best practice if you own or created the document:

  • Utilize the Linked Asset tool for adding documents to your guides. This will make it easier to update content in the future.
  • Avoid PDFs and link to a view-only version of the document in Google Suite or Microsoft Office that’s been checked for accessibility.
  • Go to the original document (not the PDF of the original) and use Grackle Docs (for Google Suite documents) or the Microsoft Office accessibility tools to correct the original. 
  • Re-upload/link the remediated version to your guide. If your document was already a linked asset it will now be changed across all your guides that use that asset.

PDF that you own but can’t find the original

  • Copy the content from the PDF into a Google or Microsoft Office document, use the accessibility tools, and re-upload the view only version. Use the linked asset tool when you can.

PDFs and documents you don’t own

  • Ideally, select resources that are accessible over ones that aren’t.
  • Make it clear in the file name or link text that the document is a PDF and may not be accessible.
  • If you know the creator of the document, reach out to them, they may be willing to provide you with an accessible version or work with you to create one.
  • Use SensusAccess remediation tool and PDF Accessibility Checker to improve accessibility. Contact for more information.

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