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NYU LibGuide Accessibility

A comprehensive resource for achieving digital accessibility best practice for NYU Libraries Research Guides.

A11y Remediation Milestones


Whether creating a new Guide or editing pre-existing Guides, owners/editors must complete a series of milestones to meet digital accessibility compliance. These milestones apply to all the tabs/pages of the guide, including pages in tabbed boxes.

The milestones are listed simplest first and get more complex as the pages descend. 

  • You will need to determine which milestones are relevant for each of your Guides based on the content in each Guide. Not all of the milestones will be applicable to every Guide. 

This is a suggested order for accomplishing accessibility, but you can complete the milestones at your own pace depending on your content.

All related materials will be posted within the appropriate milestone sub-pages of this Guide, along with other resources that will make accomplishing this work easier. 

Once you have completed the milestones, you must request an accessibility review via the LibGuides Accessibility Progress Form before you guide can be published.

More information about requesting a review is found on the Request Accessibly Review for Your Guide page