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What is the Honorable Harvest?

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Collectively, the Indigenous canon of principles and practices that govern the exchange of life for life is known as the Honorable Harvest. They are rules of sorts that govern our taking, shape our relationships with the natural world , and rein in our tendency to consume--that the world might be as rich for the seventh generation as it is for our own.

-Braiding Sweetgrass, The Honorable Harvest (p.180).


Becoming Indigenous To Place

Maple Sugar Moon

Our people call this time the Maple Sugar Moon, Zizibaswet Giizis, the month before is known as the Hard Crust on Snow Moon. People living a subsistence lifestyle also know it as the Hunger Moon, when stored food has dwindled and game is scarce. But the maples carried the people through, provided food just when they needed it most.

- Braiding Sweetgrass, Maple Sugar Moon (p.68).

The Three Sisters

I hold in my hand the genius of Indigenous agriculture, the Three Sisters. Together these plants--corn, beans, and squash--feed the people, feed the land, and feed our imaginations, telling us how we might live.

-Braiding Sweetgrass, The Three Sisters (Page 129).

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Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Journal and News Articles

In the food deserts of the South Side there is no such choice, and the dishonor in that inequity runs far deeper than the food supply.

-Braiding Sweetgrass, The Honorable Harvest (p. 196).


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