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A selection of resources for engaging with the NYU Reads books.

Ways to Get Involved

"My years of struggling against inequality, abusive power, poverty, oppression, and injustice had finally revealed something to me about myself. Being close to suffering, death, executions, and cruel punishments didn't just illuminate the brokenness of others; in a moment of anguish and heartbreak, it also exposed my own brokenness." Just Mercy, Chapter 15

Just Mercy asks us to realize broken systems, but to also think about what each us can do and what each of us needs to work on to fix these systems. Consider getting involved in the continued conversations around prisons, inequity, and justice taking place at NYU and elsewhere. 

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This research guide was written by NYU Graduate Student Editor Nicholas Caldwell, in partnership with NYU Libraries and the NYU College of Arts and Sciences Office of Academic Affairs.