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NYU Reads

A selection of resources for engaging with the NYU Reads books.

The Human Condition

The book touches on the human condition in terms of common human emotions and states of being such as loneliness, belonging, curiosity, empathy, happiness, love, sadness, and fear.  It also touches on stages of life, such as adolescence, and the transition from adolescence to young adulthood. 




Reflections on Intersections

Solid purple circle with white question mark in the middle, projecting a shadow within circle.Happiness and loneliness are often brought up in Klara and the Sun. 

  • Who defines happiness in our world? 
  • What does happiness mean to you? 
  • What questions would you ask the manager character when she says, "With respect, ma'aam, series three models have brought immense happiness to many children.  Unless you live in Alaska or down a mineshaft, you don't need to worry" (p. 7)? 
  • What would you ask Klara when she says, "I feel only happiness to see Manager again" (p. 300)?