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A selection of resources for engaging with the NYU Reads books.

Community, Humanity & Relationality

Throughout the book, author Clint Smith touches on the theme of community, humanity, and relationality. This is observed in the way he describes the people he interviews in vivid detail, focusing on Black people's humanity, and ideas around community and family.  For example, Clint Smith discusses Norris Henderson, a man the author has known for years given Henderson's political work around voting rights. The author discusses the ways in which Henderson connects with others from a spirit of shared community, "the way he engages each person with the sort of familiarity common to those who have grown up on places like New Orleans, where being family is contingent not on bloodlines but on ties to a shared community - the same set of traditions, the same culture" (p. 85). 

The following section offers resources, especially from Black and Indigenous scholars, who focus on themes of community, humanity, and relationality. 



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