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A selection of resources for engaging with the NYU Reads books.

Introducing Klara and the Sun LibGuide

While themes in this LibGuide are divided into broad clusters, it is important to note that they dynamically intersect with each other.  For example, communication and social justice are inextricably linked: whose language and ways of speaking do we value more/less as a function of race, class, age, gender, sexual orientation, and disability?  There is often a process of disabling certain forms of speech, language, and/or communication (e.g. stuttering). 

The goal of the guide is to help organize ideas into themes, but not to limit them within rigid boxes.  Teachers and students are encouraged to combine reflections across themes. For example, exploring the link between human connection (Theme 2) and justice & technology in society (Theme 3) is central to the book when reading about Klara and Josie's interactions with each other. 

Each theme in the guide will integrate a critical question on intersectionality to inform dynamic discussions and reflections on the interseSolid purple circle with a white question mark inside of it.ctions of the themes.  This will be sub-titled as "Reflections on Intersections."     

"There were some curious features about my surroundings" (p. 161).  Finally, this LibGuide aims for its readers to be imbued in their own curiosity.  Similar to Klara's curiosities in the book, may you be immersed in your curiosities about the story as you navigate your daily life at NYU and this world.